Oracle Technology | DBaaS

WETECH’s diverse technology team has in-depth expertise in end-to-end management services delivered in the Cloud.

Oracle Technology Managed Cloud Services enable you to accelerate time to deployment, increase availability and system performance while reducing business risk.

We have proven success and dedication in providing our customers with the most agile and best-of-breed managed technology and database services. For instance, Database as a Service (DBaaS), a Cloud-based approach to storing structured data, has been around for years but was limited mainly to test and development environments until recent expanded uses within Cloud services.

The simple fact that this service has become a key launch vehicle for emerging, non-relational database technologies and other big data-oriented software, has enabled us to offer our customers deployment options for both types of databases that may occur in public or private clouds. DBaaS can represent shorter sales cycles, reduced revenue startup costs and recurring revenue streams for your organization, not to mention gaining faster access to innovation and a better return on your investment.