Primavera P6

ur Oracle Primavera Practice extends beyond offering the complete Oracle Primavera solutions but also to include third party applications and solutions that are designed to increase the value of what you have already invested in. Those offerings include cost estimating, timesheets, trail audit, SAP and Oracle Integration, STO management, document management among others.
Oracle Primavera Software Applications That We Sell Licenses

• Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM)
• P6 Progress Reporter
• Primavera Contract Management (PCM)
• Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA)
• Primavera P6 Analytics
• Oracle AutoVue Enterprise Visualization
• Oracle Primavera Unifier
• Oracle Instantis EnterpriseTrack

Oracle Primavera Software and Other Related Applications That We Implement and Configure
Oracle Primavera EPPM P6 and Oracle Primavera Contract Management
This certification is limited to those organization who have shown credible evident and reference in implementing Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Oracle Primavera Contract Management software.
EPPM P6 and PCM implementation include the following services: Discovery – helping clients understand what they need to get the most out of Oracle Primavera, Installation – getting the software installed with the right access rights and security levels, Implementation – getting the information that our clients want to have from Oracle Primavera to better manage and controls their projects, Training – teaching users on not only how to use Oracle Primavera but the project management knowledge needed to better understand how to make use of this information and Support – software and user support including staffing if needed. Other related services include application data migration and health check audit.

Oracle Primavera Unifier For implementation. we provide the following offerings:
• on-site workshops that are run by our experienced team to define management metrics, discover pain points and bring to light new opportunities. This offering is of great value for organizations that have not started implementing Unifier and need to document requirements and develop an implementation plan.
• Health Check that will address Technical Design to ensure that the solution design and configuration is streamlined in accordance with best practices, Usability to provide recommendations on how to improve the usage and usability of forms and business processes and Best Practices Database to inform and support the technical design and usability recommendations with usage and configuration statistics from our vast repertoire of Unifier implementations.
• Unlimited Support as all Unifier implementations requires support past their go-live date. Our Unlimited Support provides access to a Unifier expert and useful resources at anytime, anywhere. Our Unifier Solution Center ensures accuracy and consistency of your Unifier configuration, work flows and usage.
• Adapters to increase the value of your Oracle Primavera Unifier which include:
• Panoptra™ for Unifier which is an enhanced reporting and data visualization platform for Unifier, Panoptra™ for Unifier blows out the limitations of standard reporting techniques in Unifier and transforms big data analysis and visualization to reflect best practices for capital project management.

• Integration Adapters which are designed and configured to handle complex data transformations precisely to streamline critical business integrations between financial, facilities and project management systems is a time consuming and risky endeavor.
• Oracle Primavera Contract Management (PCM) Convertor is a fast, easy one-click migration tool that moves data between PCM and Primavera Unifier instances.

Paperless Project Delivery for Oracle Primavera Contract Manager/ Unifier and SharePoint. We understand that Document Control is one of the core activities for every project and it is here where some of the greatest gains can be made with the application of simple add-ons, and our expertise that can save full-service providers of consulting, design, construction, and operations services companies’ significant costs on every project. We believe Paperless Project Delivery is about providing a platform that enables your organization/ project delivery teams to seamlessly flow information through business processes digitally and intelligently, removing the need for paper and the manual processing of documents internally and externally. Our solutions integrate with Oracle Primavera Products, SharePoint and Web Centre Content and can also be integrated to non-Oracle platforms.

Audit Trail for Oracle Primavera EPPM is a highly configurable monitoring tool that allows companies to track changes on specified business objects in Oracle Primavera EPPM with the required level of details. Organizations that rely on Oracle Primavera EPPM for their Project Management needs can continue to utilize full functionality of Oracle Primavera EPPM while fulfilling the requirement of the information to be completely trustworthy by adding benefits of a transactional and a fully auditable system. Audit Trail adds a new layer to your organizations’ project information by introducing a “Critical Changes” concept; it provides you with an advanced engine to define those elements within Oracle Primavera schedules that are the most critical from a change perspective. Monitoring Critical Changes enables you to focus on what are the most important requirements for your organization letting you effectively utilize resources and allowing to execute timely management decisions. Audit Trail provides an indispensable source of data for a quickly growing number of business applications including, but not limited to Project Health Check, Critical Changes Monitoring, Regulatory and Business Compliance, Claims Prevention and Claims Resolution, License Use Monitoring, Business Intelligence Support, Risk Analysis Support, Knowledge Base and Best Practices Repository Support.