Swe Tech has accumulated a vast knowledge base and an enviable intellectual pool based on the several Oracle initiatives the organization has delivered. This has enabled the organization to occupy a strong position to structure specific training programs which are exclusive to an organizational need.

Swe Tech cans custom deliver training programs which are designed to suit a specific organization or an organizational need. The training covers ground across all Oracle programs and has varying expertise levels at which an organization can subscribe for this.

Online Learning vs Classroom Learning

Swe Tech is a preferred partner with large Technology providers and this provides an easy access into the knowledge bank and the toolset of Oracle. Swedish Technology can deliver Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Applications training programs which include not only the technical aspects of Apps implementations, but also in-depth functional concepts. The instructor-led, consulting-oriented training is delivered in an intensive boot camp mode providing consultants with both hands-on practice as well as one-on-one interaction with the trainer.


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