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EBS Oracle Projects.

The Oracle E-Business Suite family of Oracle Projects applications supports the full lifecycle of project and portfolio management with a single, accurate view of all project-related activities. Industry leading functionality allows users to select the best portfolio of initiatives, execute projects in adherence with methodologies, assign the right global resources, proactively streamline project delivery, and track profitability via accurate budgeting, forecasting, and billings/chargebacks.


Oracle Project Analytics offers organizations a comprehensive analytics solution that delivers insight into project-based data to seamlessly track the lifecycle of a project. Oracle Project Analytics provides robust analysis of important project-based data such as forecast, budgets, cost, revenue, billing, profitability and other aspects of project management. It provides consolidated, timely, and complete information to Project Managers, Project Executives, and Project Accountants.

Control Project Costs
Enhance visibility into project costs and variances for improved cost management and project profitability.
Improve Project Performance
Track and manage non credit card invoices paid on time and interest penalties payments. Minimize delinquent debt amounts to improve management accountability, and reduce Treasury borrowing.
Maximize Cash Flow
Promote the use of electronic payment to vendors to reduce paperwork, and improve payment performance management.

Oracle Project Billing allows you to simplify client invoicing, improve cash flow, and measure the profitability of contract projects with support for planning, execution, and analysis. It utilizes information from the work breakdown structure and provides flexible revenue accrual and invoice generation features, enabling you to track unbilled receivables and bill customers for individual projects, as well as internal charge-backs.

Drive Enterprise Profitability
Streamline invoicing to speed up the payment cycle and track project profitability.
Improve Cash Flow
Invoice accurately and in a timely manner by having all project information in one centralized location.
Identify Profitability by Project and Customer
Identify profitability by project and customer to maximize business opportunities.

To deliver on complex, project-driven commercial and government contracts, you need to proactively manage contractual obligations, ever-changing contract specifications, and complex relationships among customers, subcontractors, vendors, and your company. Fine-tune your contract operations with robust authoring of all types of contract documents, workflow-based contract management, advanced deliverable tracking, as well as comprehensive multi-source, multi-currency contract funding.

Minimize Contract Risk
Adhere to contractual terms and conditions to satisfy obligations.
Reduce Operational Costs
Utilize a central repository of information to avoid errors, repetitive data entry and duplication of work.
Simplify Contracting Processes
Enable management of complex obligations, specifications, and relationships.

It is critical to eliminate delays in the transfer of time-sensitive project information. Oracle Project Collaboration enables team members to collaborate and communicate more easily in their efforts to review and complete project work. With complete visibility to assigned tasks, issues, and deliverables, global team members—both internal and external to the organization—can work together more efficiently and securely to make more-effective decisions and deliver superior results. Each team member has real-time access to information for answers to critical project-based questions, such as:

  • What tasks, issues and changes are assigned to me?
  • What are the priorities and their due dates?
  • When must I communicate progress on my work?
  • Where can I access documents I require for my work?
Collaborate globally
Utilize a globally accessible secure collaborative workspace.
Improve Communication
Easily coordinate project work by sharing consistent information.
Speed Project Completion
Collaborate on issue and change resolution.
Easily Manage Documents and Deliverables
Work from one centralized information repository with the latest version of project documents.

Oracle Project Costing provides a completely integrated cost management solution for all projects and activities across your enterprise, with the ability to cross currency and organizational boundaries. Line managers are empowered with timely, detailed cost information to monitor project performance in a format that optimizes their productivity—while financial managers track the total cost of running the business.

Monitor Project Performance
Utilize timely, integrated cost information to assure project execution meets expectations.
Capitalize on Global Opportunities
Link dispersed project teams to meet work demands.
Drive Enterprise Profitability
Enable activity-based and project-based management capabilities to improve cost performance.
Evaluate Expenditures
Compare expenditures to forecasts, budgets, and revenue to track progress and profitability.

Oracle Project Management provides project managers the visibility and control they need to deliver their projects successfully, improve profitability, and operate more efficiently. It consolidates project information into one repository: work plans, progress, issues, changes, documents, costing information, budgets, actuals and forecasts, performance, and status reports. Oracle Project Management empowers project managers to plan the work, assign resources, forecast to completion, and communicate to stakeholders, while streamlining the collaborative execution of project work.

Integrate Project Planning and Tracking
Assure projects satisfy time and budget commitments.
Improve Budget and Forecast Oversight
Enable visibility into project budgets and forecasts to determine overall financial health.
Effectively Control Project Issues and Changes
Determine the impact of potential changes on cost. Schedule and plan accordingly and charge or bill appropriately.
Track, Manage, and Communicate Project Performance
Provide real-time, accurate project status and issue management.

Oracle Project Resource Management helps you manage the capacity and deployment of people and assets for project work by finding and deploying the most qualified resources to your global projects. Oracle Project Resource Management centralizes information to empower project, resource, and staffing managers to better utilize their single most critical resource: people. The net result is improved customer and employee satisfaction, increased utilization, and higher project and enterprise profitability.

Manage Resource Demand and Supply
Share resource calendars and schedules to assure availability.
Efficiently Leverage Human and Intellectual Capital
Maintain a central skills repository.
Make the Best Use of Resources
Utilize concise definitions of requirements with mandatory and optional skills.
Streamline Global Operations
Support local work patterns, discontinuous assignments, and local holidays.

Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis helps organizations evaluate, analyze, prioritize, and select the right set of projects supported by financial goals, strategic goals, and available funds. Available in the latest release of Oracle Enterprise Project Management, Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis helps organizations evaluate, analyze, prioritize, and select the right set of projects supported by financial goals, strategic goals, and available funds. An iterative process will help your organization make the right business decisions when your environment changes due to budgetary or strategy adjustments, mergers and acquisitions, and competitive positioning.

Establish Common Corporate Objectives
Agree on the metrics by which all projects will be evaluated. For example, net present value, return on investment, strategic or technical fit.
Determine Total Project Cost
Calculate total project cost, in multiple currencies, based on resource plan, workplan, and commitments at any level of task, resource or period.
Score and Rank Projects
Quantitatively and qualitatively prioritize projects-based categories, such as strategic fit, financial justification, or total investment required.
Create and Compare “What If” Scenarios
Graphically uncover the true impact a new project, or multiple scenarios of that new project, will have on all current projects in your organization’s portfolio. [captainform id=”771549″]

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