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 Hiring better employees can create long-term competitive advantages that lead to increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service helps organizations reach this optimal state by automating e-recruitment and providing talent intelligence from data captured during the hiring process. As a result, organizations are able to improve recruiting efficiency and cut costs, reach hard-to-find talent, build better talent pools, and hire the right people and get them productive more quickly.

Talent intelligence delivers? : 

 Talent intelligence delivers on the true promise of recruiting automation. Achieve proven results by connecting new-hire performance and retention data with sourcing strategies and recruiting programs.  Whether you need to hire high volumes of candidates quickly, find candidates for hard-to-fill positions, build talent pools in international markets, or just streamline your recruiting processes, Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service can help. Sourcing tools that make use of Web 2. 0 technologies optimize sourcing budgets and reach hard-to-find talent. Screening, assessment, and innovative quick-filter technologies ensure that you find and select the best talent available, including students, experienced professionals, and hourly workers. Interview, offer management, and onboarding tools complete the process by engaging new employees early and making sure they are aligned with company initiatives. Gain insight into the business impact of your talent management decisions. Oracle Taleo Analytics Cloud Service provides executives, line managers, and HR teams with a prebuilt data warehouse spanning all talent management functions. The result is a single view of talent that enables you to optimize performance.

Harness the Power of Social Networks 

 Source all types of candidates and tap into the power of social networks like Facebook by using a rich set of sourcing tools. Then, enjoy an instant return on your investment as you lower costs and tap into millions of passive and active candidates.

Recruit Anytime, Anywhere 

Users can boost productivity by interacting with Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service anytime, anywhere. Candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters can access and communicate with Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service via desktop productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook and personal portals such as MyYahoo, MyMSN, and iGoogle

Compliance Assurance

You can easily and consistently track candidates through the hiring process and meet the fair hiring practices and laws around the world such as Equal Employment Opportunity in the United States and local data privacy and employment laws in Europe and Asia. Performance Considerations : 

Instant Short List

Make the job of screening candidates as easy as possible while simultaneously ensuring high quality with advanced search, innovative quick-filter technology, and proven screening and assessment capabilities

Enhance the Experience

  • Create a user experience that is truly intuitive for candidates, recruiters, and managers. A “kiosk-simple” experience frees up users and allows them to focus on candidates not tasks with autosuggest

Challenges :

10 Hardest Roles to Fill in the US:

  • Skilled Trades
  • Sales Representatives
  • Engineers
  • Drivers
  • Accounting & Finance Staff
  • IT Staff
  • Management/Executives
  • Teachers
  • Secretaries/Administrative Assistants
  • Machinist/Machine Operator

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