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IBM Brings Low-Code App Development to Bluemix

BM continues to heap new developer functionality onto its Bluemix cloud platform, providing support for low-code application development and adding security authorization into apps, among other enhancements.

Overall, IBM’s goal is to make Bluemix the go-to platform for developers of all types, from so-called “citizen developers” to professional development teams building enterprise applications and commercial products. The Bluemix platform features more than 150 tools and services covering areas such as cognitive intelligence, blockchain, security, Internet of Things, DevOps and more.

Moving to simplify the development process, IBM just announced a new, experimental capability on Bluemix, known as Decision Composer, that helps developers create more intelligent applications with less code.

The Decision Composer service enables developers to graphically model the data and logic that drives decisions within an application. These models take the place of code, allowing developers to use data to test multiple business scenarios and their outcomes, and then deploy and automate specific decisions directly into operations, IBM said. These decisions could range from the pricing of a product to how a customer-facing app is personalized to individual users.



With Decision Composer, IBM is exploring new ways to express and specify decision logic and to make decision modeling even easier and accessible to a wider audience, said Jérôme Joubert, a senior offering manager for IBM Decision Management, in a blog post.

Joubert said the new service is inspired by the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard, which is focused on describing and modeling repeatable decisions. It also benefits from years of IBM expertise in decision management tools, he said.

“It brings together all important elements to model a decision: input data that drives the decision process, a diagram that describes the high-level structure of the decision, business rules and decision tables that define the core parts of the logic,” he added.

Decision Composer is a new part of IBM’s Business Rules service on IBM Cloud, which itself helps developers to capture, automate and govern frequent and repeatable business decisions, Joubert said.

“We often see business analysts willing to use DMN and top-down approaches,” he said. “We would like to work with them and share ideas about an integrated modeling environment they would love to use. Also, we believe that modeling decisions should be accessible to a wider audience beyond IT. Ultimately, decisions should be in business people’s hands. The thought process leading to complex decisions is challenging. With this program, we want to propose new ways and techniques and see how far users can reasonably go. And maybe further simplify the process.”


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  • Date March 2, 2018
  • Tags Enterprise Solutions
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