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Deploying Data Center Switching Solutions

Data center switching platforms are constantly evolving, delivering increasingly better performance while simplifying network operations. This white paper, which includes specific use cases, will help you explore your options by examining:

  • Low on-chip memory ASIC platforms
  • Large external memory ASIC platforms
  • The features and benefits of Q5-based platforms

QFX10002: Performance and Scalability for the Data Center

Network Test performed an extensive battery of stress tests on Juniper’s QFX10002-720Q data center switch. Read this third-party report to learn how the QFX10002-720Q didn’t just pass every milestone, it smashed right through. Test highlights include:

  • Demo of hardware-based Layer-3 EVPN/VXLAN gateway
  • 60,000 firewall filters, no reduction in throughput
  • Scalable Layer-2 and Layer-3 control-plane capacity.

QFX10000 Data Center and Cloud Switches

QFX10000 switches from Juniper Networks form a highly scalable, high-density network foundation for supporting today’s most demanding data center and cloud environments. Watch this video featuring Juniper Networks SVP Mike Marcellin to learn how:

  • Industry-leading scale protects your investments
  • Multidimensional performance improves application performance
  • High-performance custom silicon ensures quality of service

Fabric Solutions for Data Centers

As you prepare your data center to meet current and future requirements, Juniper Networks MetaFabric architecture can help you evolve your network to enable modern, virtualized applications and services. Watch this brief, informative video and learn how MetaFabric architecture offers:

  • Customized solutions to meet your needs
  • Increased agility and network performance
  • Reduced total cost of ownership.

Juniper QFX5200: The Switch, Reinvented

How do you meet the demands of tomorrow’s cloud data center today? Juniper’s QFX5200 Series Switches combine high-performance switching with the flexibility and functionality of a server. This brief, informative video shows how QFX5200 switches:

  • Help you build next-generation IP fabric networks
  • Offer deployment versatility that future-proofs your network investment.
  • Are specifically designed for the cloud

Juniper Switches Provide Scale and Simplicity for any Size Data Center

Data center networks are struggling to support new applications, technologies, and traffic volume. Download this brief to learn how Juniper’s Ethernet switching portfolio supports innovative switching architectures that deliver:

  • Scalability—from dozens to thousands of ports
  • Faster Time to Value—accelerate deployment and delivery of applications
  • Simplicity—manage multiple switches as a single device

Juniper Networks Advantages for VMWare Platforms and SDDCs

Juniper, in partnership with VMware, provides a comprehensive set of product integrations, feature advantages, and plug-ins. This brief outlines the advantages of Juniper Networks-VMware joint solutions and operations, including:

  • Cost savings and efficiencies
  • Seamless high-performance virtual networking
  • Security from next-generation physical or virtual firewalls




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  • Date January 14, 2017
  • Tags Enterprise Services, Enterprise Solutions, Swedish
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