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Solid Vision with an SD-WAN Approach

For a product which hadn’t officially been released yet, there has been a decent amount that has been written about the platform and direction . A lot of this information was certainly sourced from Riverbed’s own briefings but now, with an official release, we are able to confirm some of the major features previously discussed.

One of the more significant points is that Riverbed views their software-defined approach as more of an ubiquitous and unified connectivity fabric than a pure-play SD-WAN solution. What does that mean? SteelConnect™ isn’t just a special router that sits at the edge of your sites determining path selection on WAN circuits. Instead, the focus is on unified management of the WAN, branch wired/wireless networks, and public cloud connectivity. The key being management of connectivity regardless of where the client or host resides.


Not surprisingly, application awareness and performance also play a large role in the Riverbed software-defined approach. Building on many years of application-centric networking, the platform has advantages in identifying, prioritizing, optimizing, securing, and delivering many kinds of application traffic.

Configuring connectivity into and out of public cloud instances has been a challenging point for many organizations so I’m excited to see that Ocedo’s virtual edge device has made the transition into the Riverbed platform. Application centric networking to the public cloud is something that more and more organizations are going to find advantageous. While this technology is still relegated to AWS (the clear leader in IaaS), I’m still hopeful that Riverbed will continue to develop this concept into other public cloud offerings.


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  • Date May 4, 2015
  • Tags Enterprise Services, Enterprise Solutions, Swedish
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