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Reasons: Why Choose Us ?.

Reasons Why Choose Us.


1-Transparent Integration.

We provide fully transparent business integration solutions. We believe an integration project should produce measurable results and tangible business benefits. Our unique approach uses domain expertise and technology to deliver transparent benefits.

2-System Expertise.

We have delivered over 100 integration projects and have integrated a huge variety of systems such as SAP, Oracle Financials, Navision, Calypso to name but a few.


3 -Integration in the Cloud.

In addition traditional A2A / B2B Enterprise integration we can provide integration solutions in the Cloud, Private Cloud and G Cloud.

4 – Application Life Extension.

We help businesses maximize their existing investments using SOA and Business Optimization to provide extra agility without needing to replace their existing investments.


5 –Application Exchange.

Enterprise Applications are increasingly becoming commoditized. What if you could switch Enterprise Application provider like switching your utility company? We can help you achieve this.

Domain expertise.

We have worked across all major industry sectors and have particular depth of expertise in Finance, Healthcare and general business.

No Risk Consulting.

We are so confident our resources deliver results, if you are not satisfied after one week we provide a full refund.

Forward Thinking.

We understand the challenges facing business like migration to Cloud Computing, Virtualization, the shift from database reporting to business intelligence, and can help your business get there.

Solution Support.

Our break/fix support service picks up where the vendors product support ends, supporting the whole solution. This gives us a truly unique position in the market.

10-Customer Focused.

We work along side your business team to understand your requirements and deliver solutions that make sense for you.

11Relationships Matter.

We see ourselves as long term partners rather than suppliers, for this reason we focus helping your business do better.

12 Committed to Delivery.

Often it’s the few people with commitment to delivery that finally get the project over the finish line. The fact that our consultants have delivered 100+ SOA integration projects is testament to their ability to deliver.

13 Service Excellence.

We believe in customer service excellence in order to always exceed the expectations of our customers and ensure that every project is a successful case study. If you don’t believe us ask our clients what they think.

14 Vast Experience.

Our consultants typically have 10 years Enterprise Integration experience and have worked on some of the largest integration projects in the world at the SI’s such as Accenture, CSC, Logica, Deloitte, Fujitsu, BT Consulting.

15 Endorsement from Vendors.

We provide SOA integration resources to TIBCO and Oracle professional services, which is testament to the quality of our integration team.

16 BI – your next competitive edge.

Customers are increasingly demanding and expect a quality, timely and competitive service. The modern business needs real time data integration to survive and forward thinking businesses the focus is now on business intelligence. We help customers move from basic database reporting to real-time business intelligence.

17 Bottom Line Savings.

Typically we save 20% to 30% of your back office administration costs with our unique approach to Business Optimization.

18 Independent.

We are not tied to any one particular vendor and can therefore provide unbiased advice and focus on creating the best solution for our customers.

19 Cover all integration products.

Our expertise covers all of the main integration products on the market today.

20-EMEA Coverage.

Our operation serves , and

21 More effective than Off Shoring.

Clients commonly complain that offshoring does not work for integration. This is due to the dynamic nature of integration and the cost of managing the off shore resources. Integrella is more cost effective than the larger SI’s and more effective than off shoring.


22 Outsourcing.

Tired of systems integration taking up all your time and energy? We can take the challenge off your hands wile keeping you in control of your business.

23- Full Service.

Integrella runs complete SOA integration projects from start to finish.

24 –Architecture.

Our principal consultants have worked as senior architects on many high level projects.

25 –Process Improvement Methods.

Many of our consultants have a thorough understanding of process improvement methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma, which can dramatically increase results on SOA and Business Optimization projects.

26 Communicate at All Levels.

We typically engage with the business at all levels to gain a clear understanding of business challenges and ensure that these are communicated effectively to the IT programme.

27 Regulatory Expertise.

Businesses in all industries are facing changes in government regulation that impact the way they do business. Our expertise of implementing FSA regulations such as BASL II and CAD II can give you a head start.

28 Fast response.

We always provide a same business day response service to our clients.

29 Highly competitive.

As we have lower overheads than the larger SI’s we can operate more effectively and provide highly competitive service to our customers.

30 100% Reference-able.

We have worked hard to ensure all of our clients are satisfied customers and they are 100% reference-able.




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